INSSPIRE Logo Competition Showcases Student Creativity and Innovation

In a quest to capture the essence of the INSSPIRE project, a unique and exciting competition was organized in December 2022. The competition invited students to channel their creativity and design skills to craft a complete style guide for the project.

Held across four esteemed African Universities — Maseno University, Makerere University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, and South Eastern Kenya University — the competition drew participants from diverse backgrounds, each with a passion for bringing the project’s identity to life.

Students approached the competition individually, pouring their artistic vision into each design entry. The criteria for the competition were rigorous, demanding that the logo not only encapsulate the essence of the INSSPIRE project but also incorporate a thoughtful color scheme and typography. Moreover, participants were challenged to present the logo in various color versions, ensuring its adaptability across different contexts.

After meticulous consideration, the winning logo was unveiled at the project’s inaugural meeting in Kisumu, Kenya. The logo, meticulously crafted by Justus Asawo, stood out for its vibrant representation of the project’s mission and values. Justus shared, “I was inspired by my dad’s words. He is very keen on the economy. Dad keeps scaring me that the world is ending due to prevailing economic challenges hitting mankind. So when I saw the project on INSSPIRE, I thought it’s contrary to what my dad thinks. I was inspired to design the logo just to prove to my dad that there are things out there in the world which seem to have solutions that would make the world not to end.”

The INSSPIRE Logo Competition not only celebrated the artistic prowess of students but also served as a testament to the project’s collaborative ethos. Justus’s presence at the project’s Kick-Off meeting, where he presented his winning design, marked a moment of synergy between creativity and academic pursuits.

The competition’s success reiterates the power of student engagement and the potential for innovative ideas to shape the trajectory of impactful projects like INSSPIRE. As the project progresses, the winning logo will stand as a beacon of inspiration and a visual representation of the collective dedication driving the INSSPIRE initiative forward.

Stay tuned for more updates and milestones as INSSPIRE continues to foster innovation, collaboration, and positive change in the realms of food systems and climate change.

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