January 2023
Start of INSSPIRE Project

Official start of the INSSPIRE project.

5 February 2023
Kick-off meeting in Kisumu, Kenya

In beginning of February 2023 we organized a Kick-off event in Kisumu, Kenya. All the INSSPIRE partners were able to meet in person and start a wonderful journey together.

January 2023
Logo competition

During the Kick off event we also voted the winning INSSPIRE logo. It was designed by Justus Asawo Oyugi, a student of Maseno University in Kenya. Congratulations!

5 February
INSSPIRE logo selected
8 February 2023
Study visit in Kisumu county

During the Kick-off event we organized a study visit to 3 sites: 2 farms and a Fish waste management center.

30 April 2023
Launch of INSSPIRE website
31 May 2023
End of inception phase
21 June 2023
First Steering Committee Meeting

The first Steering Committee meeting, featuring Dr. Victoria Tibenda Namulawa (Uganda), Prof Madara Ogot (Kenya) and Prof Marja Spierenburg (The Netherlands), marked a significant step in INSSPIRE project.

July 2023
New cooperations

The enlargement of the INSSPIRE network with partners from South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) Network (University for Development Studies (UDS), Ghana; Universite d'Abomey-Calavi (UAC), Benin; University of Parakou (UP), Benin; Rhodes University (RU), South Africa; University of Western Cape (UWC), South Africa), Moi University Kenya (MU).

8 – 18 July 2023
Curriculum enhancement workshop in Amsterdam

A successful workshop on curriculum enrichment around food systems and climate change was organized. The event brought together a diverse group of academic professionals from around the world.

10 - 14 July 2023
Summer school in Amsterdam

The workshop featured lectures by international experts and the participation of students from the "Feeding the Billions: Challenges and Innovation in Food and Water Security" summer school. Bringing together students and experts not only added a unique perspective to the event but also presented a very interesting opportunity to connect education with real societal challenges.

15 July 2023
Field visit to biological farm in Zeewolde

During the curriculum enhancement workshop, a visit to BioBoerm was organized, a large organic farm in Flevoland, which covers more than 500 hectares of farmland and grows several types of organic produce.

11 – 13 October 2023
Module set-up online Workshop

Key topics of the workshop included a thorough review of course enrichment plans, exploring synergies between different courses for module enrichment, and a detailed discussion on the learning objectives and outcomes of the FSCC modules. Participants also engaged in brainstorming sessions about innovative learning methods and the mode of delivery.

October 2023
Real-life learning lab Memorandum of Agreement established

In this Memorandum of Agreement the university partners from Kenya and Uganda agreed to work together to complement and enhance the learning experience of students through real-life learning labs in the field of food systems and climate change. The collaboration may involve sharing resources, expertise, teaching materials, and jointly organizing educational events and activities.

14 December 2023
Second Steering Committee Meeting
At the second Steering Committee meeting, which involved Dr. Victoria Tibenda Namulawa (Uganda) and Prof Marja Spierenburg (The Netherlands), we assessed the progress of the work and jointly planned the future strategic developments.
31 December 2023
Course enrichment plans with modules on Food Systems and Climate Change (FSCC) completed

The enrichment of the existing courses with modules. The courses were selected by each of the partner universities from INSSPIRE and SSCT network. Lectures include assignments, tutorials, seminars, and practical training.

31 January 2024
INSSPIRE Stakeholder Platformere released

The main purpose of the INSSPIRE stakeholder platform is to connect stakeholders from higher education and non-academic sectors to address persistent food and nutrition security problems in Kenya, Uganda and other partner countries, namely Ghana, Benin, and South Africa, which collaborate with the INSSPIRE project through the South-South Triangular Cooperation network on Food systems and Climate Change.