Work packages

This work package leads the overall project flow that connects the inception phase (WP2) with the WPs on the curriculum enrichment and innovation (WP3) and the Real-life learning labs for societal engagement (WP4), which in turn feed the inter-university partnerships (WP5) and provide multiple topics for the communication and dissemination (WP6). It supports the WPs in reaching their objectives, ensure the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is fully informed on project progress and assure quality of implementation by effective and efficient management and coordination. 

This work package assesses the intra-university capacity in the field of evidence-based education for food systems and climate change (FSCC). It includes researching the university policies, courses & educational practices, community services, online educational capacity, external stakeholders, and labour market requirements in Kenya and Uganda.

This work package helps building intra-university capacity on evidence-based and inclusive education for sustainable development by introducing innovative elements on food systems and climate change in the existing curricula ensuring their relevance for labour market.

This work package enhances university-community collaboration and the societal relevance of education through Real-life Learning Labs involving stakeholders in the field of FSCC and associated sectors.

This work package enhances inter-university partnerships and associated facilitating environment for evidence-based education on FSCC by identifying opportunities for in-house internationalisation and building capacity on Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) at the partner universities.

This work package raises awareness about evidence-based education on FSCC among relevant stakeholders (local to international) and facilitates long-term impact at different levels (individual, institutional and systemic).